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Welcome to PLAY Event Experience, a premier event management solution for youth hockey tournaments and camps. We are committed to working with brands and minor hockey associations to deliver exceptional events and elevated experiences for all participants. 

We are listening to our partners in hockey and want to help overcome the lack of volunteers or staff resources that are needed to operate quality events. Many parents fondly reminisce about their own tournament days— the thrill of the games, the camaraderie by the pool, shared meals, and impromptu mini-stick games in hotel hallways. They aspire to provide their children with similar opportunities. However, unlike past years, MHAs in particular, are finding the recruitment of volunteers for such events has become a challenge. The responsibility of organizing major tournaments now falls on a dwindling number of individuals, yet the expectations for excellence remain unchanged, if not heightened.

Enter PLAY Event Experience. Our team shares those cherished memories of past tournaments and we leverage our personal experiences to shape our approach. Rest assured, this will always be YOUR tournament.

Partnering with us means your event can now be powered by PLAY Hockey which:

  • Provides access to a team of staff support through all phases of the event with regular updates to thehost on the event status
  • Leverages the cost efficiencies PLAY Hockey has access to with the volume of overall events we operate
  • Offers you the opportunity to include PLAY's exclusive elevated experience options
  • Maintains financial benefits to your membership
  • Reduces the overall stress of finding volunteers or having to dedicate other staff or Board members to step in late to ensure the tournament happens

About Us



PLAY Event Experience is an event management solution that focuses on brands and supporting minor hockey associations tournaments and camps. We bring the power of PLAY Hockey to every event we partner with. 

Our goal is to provide operational support to event hosts so they can continue to operate their tournaments while offering exceptional experiences for the participants.

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About PLAY Hockey:
PLAY Hockey is a global leader in youth hockey, providing memorable experiences to more than 100,000 youth hockey players at 105 events. Event management solutions are also available to associations and hockey organizations. PLAY Hockey is focused on providing best-in-class experiences for players, families and community partners to build friendships, have fun and create memories that last a lifetime. Learn more about the organization. Learn more at









Enhancing Event Experiences for Associations 

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Your Selections


      What do you need from a Minor Hockey Association to partner with you?

      As the event will be your association’s tournament, we would need you to apply for the tournament sanction through your governing body and provide us with all association allocated ice needed for the event to happen. After that, it’s all open for discussion. We can come and support your committee with some of our centrally provided services, or we can bring in a full team and offer the full PLAY experience in your community, or partner on something in between. Every MHA is unique and we want to find the best option for you. 

      Can we keep our tournament name and logo?

      Absolutely!! This is your event powered by PLAY Event Experience so we love keeping your traditions alive including the name and logo of your event. If you don’t have a special brand for your event, we can help you add that to the experience.

      We use our tournament as a fundraiser for our Association. Will we lose that if we partner with PLAY Event Experience by PLAY Hockey?

      Our goal is to see your event continue to provide the financial support it has always done. As we work with you to identify additional services to elevate your event’s onsite experience, you may even see a heightened level of support as a result. 

      We are fortunate to have a group of strong volunteers who want to remain involved in running our event but we know they need support. Is it possible to bring PLAY Event Experience in to help in certain areas only?

      We would love to talk to you about how we can help in any way we can. Volunteers are the heart of every minor hockey association and if your group has a volunteer resource who has a passion for your event, let’s find some time to connect and talk about your unique situation and how we can provide them the support they need to stay excited about their role. 

      We don’t currently run any tournaments. Can you help us start one?

      PLAY Hockey is world known for operating the best youth hockey experiences and we would be excited to bring our experience to your community through our PLAY Event Experience program.

      Who can partner with PLAY Event Experience?

      We are excited to work with anyone operating a youth hockey tournament across North America. Our goal is to make events fun for the players and their families and we want to work with any company or minor hockey association who want to be part of putting smiles on people's faces. 
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