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Evolve your blade. Evolve your game.   Zee with Rezztek - transparent

Rezztek® aims to set a new market standard for professional and amateur hockey players. Rezztek®’s patented material for the hockey stick’s blade allows for better puck control, faster and more accurate shots and is fully customizable to players’ needs (add your number or team logo). Rezztek® was developed with Boston Bruins captain and legend Zdeno Chara and is currently used in more than 50% of NHL organizations. More at Rezztek®.

Rezztek® is a revolutionary material for the blade of the hockey stick that completely replaces traditional hockey tape. Rezztek® is 50% lighter and thinner than tape, and scientifically proven to improve your shot speedaccuracy, and puck control.

Four patented layers, each specifically designed for your top performance.

Water-resistant and repellent to keep your top performance throughout the game.

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