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We help brands make meaningful connections with Youth Hockey Families!

We love working with brands that are interested in collaborating with PLAY Hockey and align with our values of Passion, Memories, Friendships and Fun. We continually strive to add value and exciting brand experiences to our network of 245k+ engaged athletes and their family members.

Through custom content, uniquely branded engagements, product integrations, social media efforts, onsite activations, and prominent logo alignment with Play Hockey, you can feel confident that your brand has the tools to inform, entertain, and engage a captive global audience.

Visualize a Play Hockey partnership through the eyes of our audience and position your brand to make a powerful impact across the youth hockey event landscape. Through authentic engagement, the opportunities to grow mindshare and positive brand perception are at your fingertips!

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A Partnership with Play Hockey is valuable if:

  • You want to reach over 245,000 passionate athletes and their families including the Head of Household!
  • Your brands target audience lives in either Canada, the US or both.
  • You want to work with a partner that can help you achieve a variety of goals from lead capture to brand awareness and community activations.
  • You want to work with the largest youth hockey event company in the world with 104 events and over 300 teams worldwide!
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PLAY Hockey Overview Deck
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  1. We are good listeners! We listen first and seek to understand your brand including your goals, vision, and objectives.
  2. We will educate you on Play Hockey and the creative opportunities we can work together on to form a win-win partnership.
  3. We build ROI driven solutions and strive to communicate with each of our partners to ensure we are in lock step on all details around our partnership.
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