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Welcome to the new WHA — a collaboration between Baden Sports Canada and the team behind Floorball+ which includes former NHLer and Winnipeg Jet Norm Beaudin and his two sons Greg and Dave, who are long time sports entrepreneurs and professional hockey and golf instructors.  The World Hockey Alliance Inc. (WHA) was formed to bring hockey to the masses while utilizing sustainable methodologies, innovative equipment, and Web3 infrastructure. Our new brand of equipment and programs called HOCKEYBALL will help Hockey organizations, schools, and community sport leaders re-energize 'floor' hockey. We work closely with Sport for Life to ensure that fundamental movement skills and life skills are taught throughout the long term athlete development process, and we take pride in being the smartest and most accessible way to gateway new players to the great sport of Hockey.



What Is Hockeyball?
Hockeyball is the evolution of floor hockey, street hockey and ball hockey. Based on the international sport of Floorball, Hockeyball uses modern lightweight, carbon fiber sticks and a performance whiffle-type ball. Many NHL Stars, especially from Sweden, Finland, Czechia and Switzerland, grew up playing Floorball/Hockeyball in schools and in their local leagues with friends and family. Hockeyball is a great addition to summer Hockey Schools/Camps as it provides players with a perfect balance of off-ice training activities and fun games.

The modern, lightweight Hockeyball sticks and balls allow for elevated skill sets to emerge that are more creative and multi-dimensional than older formats of ball hockey and floor hockey. Hockeyball's culture of skills development and cool off-ice training is gaining massive traction on social channels like Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube. Just as Futsal is a training sport for Soccer/Football players, Hockeyball plays the same role for ice hockey players with its lighter, faster, and more technical equipment and playmaking made for more skilled, agile and creative players on and off the ice.

As if you needed more reason to pick up Hockeyball, another advantage to the game is that the rules eliminate dangerous play and the need for expensive safety equipment. Hockeyball players do not require gloves, shin guards, or helmets, and only the goalie in Hockeyball requires some lightweight padded protection. This drastically lowers the cost to play and also makes the sport more welcoming to new players.

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Hockeyball Sticks
Comes in 4 different lengths
The Kinetic Stick and Blade
Toe pocket for zorro freestyle play and tricks!
Custom Sticks
Great for teams and hockey organizations!
Canucks Autism
The Goalie Gear
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