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Bladetech is a Canadian manufacturing company, specializing in replacement steel skate blades and pro-level sticks. They are looking to change the face of skating with their patented flexible steel skate blades. The Flex Force Advantaged is scientifically proven to give players a 5.5% increase in speed as well as reduce impact pressure on knees, allowing players to Play Faster. Play Longer.

What is the Flex Force Advantage?

Bladetech Hockey's patented technology has been rigorously tested in the lab to ensure it provides the highest performance compared to non-flexible blades. The results speak for themselves! 

Bladetech Hockey's Flex Force Advantage gives skaters an average of 5.5% increase in speed

Bladetech Hockey Blades


Get pro sticks at pro prices! Pure 100% black carbon fibre that's designed for the best performance. The Bladetech Blackout does not compromise: the same top end stick, with no costly stickers.  We offer a variety of curves and flexes to get you dialed in.  Bundle with another stick or blades for the ultimate Hockey Performance Package!