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Welcome to Play Hockey

We are North America's leader in youth hockey, built to create hockey experiences that bring families closer together as well as develop better athletes and people.

We are Play Hockey

As youth hockey professionals, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for young players to develop their skills, have fun, and create family memories that last a lifetime.

Play Hockey inspires hockey’s future through: 

  • Exceptional hockey environments
  • Memorable family experiences
  • Progressive player development

We invest in the game for youth of all skill levels – recreational, competitive, and elite. All will experience hockey in a safe, competitive, and fun environment, from traveling to large tournaments, to an exclusive exposure showcase event, to playing on a team within the Play Hockey network. These experiences foster opportunities for families and team-building through hockey and non-hockey activities alike.

Find Your Event
  • Events

    • Tournaments

      Play Hockey hosts spring, summer, and winter hockey tournaments for all genders and skill levels across North America. The look and feel of tournaments spans large-scale national events with boutique travel destinations, to local community events, and everything in between.


      Exposure and Showcase opportunities provide a platform for players to compete alongside highly-skilled peers and often provide exposure to recruiters, scouts, or additional programming. Many of these events are invite-only.


      The pinnacle of elite youth hockey. Top teams from North America and Europe compete for a chance to become World Youth Champions. The series is hosted in North America and Europe, and players are eligible for locations based on their birth year. The events provide players with unparalleled exposure to recruiters and scouts as well as fun tourist activities for the entire family.

  • Teams


      Play Hockey has a wide variety of Regional Team Programs that form to practice and play together throughout the spring and/or summer months. These teams provide players with skill development, on-ice tactics, competition, and the ability to play hockey in a traditional team setting.


      Through the Prime Hockey and Play Hockey Selects programs, single-entry teams are formed and customized to compete in a specific tournament(s). Commitment for these teams is usually limited to one or two tournaments.



      There are a number of marquee development camps for players to not only receive top-end coaching but also exposure to recruiters and scouts in competitive environments where they can stand out.


      Our Regional Team Programs provide a wide variety of excellent development camps tailored to specific markets. All regional development programming is contained within the specific websites of the respective Regional Team Programs.

Home of the World Youth Championship Series

Youth hockey’s biggest stage. North American and European teams battle and earn their way to be named elite as World Youth Hockey Champions.
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